Our Pastor

Trey and Family

I believe a Church is really the people, not the building. A Church is a group of individuals who look out for each other, who love one another and who most importantly, believe in sharing the amazing grace that God has so freely given to us. A church should not be defined by its building, but rather by the ways in which its people emulate Christ in both word and deed.

We (the Church) are the body of Christ and as such, we must “practice what we preach” in our gatherings, in our places of school or work, in our homes, and everywhere between.

In New Home Baptist Church, I know that we will have wonderful music and I know we will have some good sermons. But my most earnest prayer is that New Home will be known as the Church that is committed to sharing the gospel and discipline believers in Vass area, Moore County, North Carolina and the rest of the world.

James 1:22