Children’s Ministry

You want your child to learn about Jesus Christ…but you want them to have fun doing it. At New Home Baptist we not only want your child to develop and grow in their relationship with the Lord, but we want them to have a blast while they’re at it.

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Route 52 Ministry

Route 52:

Route 52 encourages learning for children ages 4-12 with hands on and discussion based classes that help each other come to a deeper, more intimate understanding of God’s word and how God has called them to live. Every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. a meal will be provided before we engage in fun activities:

Quiet Time: Daily devotions specifically written for your child’s development level with colorful games, puzzles and journals.

Personal Training: An enthusiastic well equipped small group leader will teach your children biblical truths.

Big O’vent: An exciting time for the children to play high energy games that illustrates each week’s lesson.

Children's Ministry

Sunday School:

Your child needs community, and that is what they get at New Home Baptist-community with their peers and community with the God who loves them. Each Sunday small group leaders teach your children biblical truth, encouraging them to discuss, celebrate and implement the things of God.

Children’s Church:

Sunday at 11:00 a.m. we offer a place of worship for your children ages 4-11 at a level designed for their spiritual development.



Our purpose is to support families and provide a safe, loving environment where we communicate the love of Christ in term that preschoolers can understand. We partner with you in building foundations of faith in you child’s life.